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About NAS Productions

NAS Productions has been preserving memories for it's clients since 2015


About Me

I am a husband to an incredibly supportive wife, and a dad to two awesome kids! I am an IT Professional by day, and an avid technology buff in my free time. That’s where my love for photography came to life, from DSLRs to MILCs (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera). Photography along with cinematography is a medium that allows me to create something that people can cherish for years to come!


My Approach

Nifty – Allure – Soulful

Photography is about so much more than it’s technical aspects; I listen, understand, and communicate the cornerstone qualities that make up my client’s unique personalities and then translate those qualities through the camera creating classy and authentic results.


My Philosophy

The focus of my productions is about feeling the EMOTION of the PEOPLE in the FRAME. I am always looking for a CONNECTION – of the person’s authentic self along with the beauty of that moment. My photos and videos look to capture the energy that allows you to FEEL that moment and that emotion for years to come. Isn’t that the real PURPOSE for hiring NAS Productions?